My Credentials:

I have a degree with Mercer University in Middle Grades Education with a minor in Religious Studies.  I am certified in MG Science, Language Arts, Social Sciences, HS General Science, Earth Science, and in Gifted Education.  I have a Integrative Holistic Health Coach Certification from Institute for Integrative Nutrition with a specialization in Hormonal Health.  I have completed independent courses in the following: Hormones, Herbalism, Essential Oils and Natural Health, Visual Diagnosis, and Sexual Vitality.

Currently...I am enrolled in a Herbal Medicine for Women program under Dr. Aviva Romm.


My Ventures:

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Hello from me and my crew. From left to right are my furbabies Sadie, Hazel, and Kayse. As you can see we are a mouths wide open, take in the world type of bunch. I'm honored that you are on my site and coming along side my journey in this crazy world we dwell in. So, who am I and why have I created a website... 
This is my place to vent, collect, teach, share, and learn. My interests are far and wide…which is why I can’t focus on one thing for too long. This can be a downfall as it seems like I never follow through with anything. However, I feel like it is a strength. I am curious about everything and this trait opens myself to learn from it all. Rooted 2 Thrive is a name that came to me while waiting for several hours at a truck stop in Jasper, Alabama to meet another driver from to swap trailers when I was truck driving. Rooted 2 Thrive is my attempt to become rooted in the things that help me to thrive. And, maybe, from sharing on this platform you can come allow on this journey with me. I share my interests, stories of my life, and the lessons I learn along the way.
A little history about me, I was a middle grades science teacher when the economy went south in 2008 and found myself without a job due to lack of tenure when budgets were cut. After 1.5 years of looking for ANY kind of job, I finally was offered an opportunity to drive tractors for a living.  I grabbed on to the opportunity fast because the bills were piling up.  I have been with this company for almost 9 years.  
At the beginning of 2014,  I began a journey to be healthy and thrive. It started with getting serious about what I allowed into my body through my mouth. However, the more educated I became about how toxins are introduced into my body and causes huge health issues, I realized that it is also about every thing I put on my body and in my atmosphere. Therefore, I began to switch to cleaner, nontoxic beauty products and household cleaners. I believe it is very important be involved in spreading this education and promoting a healthy lifestyle not just for myself but to everyone. I am also interested in spreading information about clean recipes, fitness, DIY cleaners, DIY body products and MOST IMPORTANTLY EDUCATION! Essential oils blew into my world from learning about living more naturally and they have completely rocked and changed my world so much so that I joined doTERRA as a Wellness Advocate to teach others. Natural health and living is SO exciting and opens our eyes to the knowledge that we can take control of our own health and well being by how we live and what we allow into our world. I took it one step further and started developing a business called Rooted 2 Thrive.  I want to help others learn all the things that I have been learning.  I joined the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and completed a year's training to be a Integrative Holistic Health Coach. A couple of years after that I added onto it a specialization in hormones. I've continued to take courses in a wide range of topics dealing with natural health and living. I'm currently enrolled in a 2 year course for Women's Herbal Medicine under one of my favorite MDs. My goal with Rooted 2 Thrive is to help others ground themselves in the things of life and become deeply rooted in a healthy lifestyle that fulfills and enriches every aspect of our life. I hope you enjoy all that I have to offer on this website. Come be healthy and learn with me how to be rooted into the things that make us radiantly thrive!